Saturday, July 28, 2012


Brynn made it through her first round of swim lessons. She was originally in a class with 2 male instructors, probably late teens to early 20's and WOULD NOT get in the pool...then a female instructor just happened to walk by her the 2nd day as she was trying to help a boy from her class into the pool and Brynn took right to her...teacher Stephanie. Needless to say Brynn got moved to her class and did GREAT!!! We never had another problem getting her in the pool. She didn't pass though, so we enrolled her for another 2 week session. She has 1 week left of this 2nd session. Her teacher (Stephanie again...per request by us) said she is sooo close to being able to move on to the next class. The skills she has to have down before hand is...front float for 5 seconds, back float for 5 seconds, front glide, back glide and be able to go under water for (5 seconds??) I think. We have been trying to work with her in the bathtub and we have gone up to my parents neighbors (once...hoping to go more) to work on her skills to. THis time around though, there is another little girl who has A LOT of curiosity with the splashing, clapping in the water, and touching other little girls wet pony tails...and Brynn has been joining in. Brynn had to sit in time out twice this past week..WHO'S KID SITS IN TIME OUT AT SWIM LESSONS that last for only a 1/2 hour?!?! The other little girl had to also but STILL!!!  Hopefully this next week will go a little more smooth for her :) 


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